The day my CPU cried

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This 3d character was started probably around 2008-2009 without much thought behind it. I had some old upper body very basic mesh and decided to sculpt some fat as I don’t think I did that before. Anyway I gradually added stuff from time to time before deciding what the character is supposed to be at the end. That model never was supposed to be render material. Hence a lot of things that are sculpted from basically a box with few extrusions. Some stretching is caused by that. It was just a random model that accidentally ended up being rendered.

As usual, base mesh in Silo, sculpt in Zbrush 3.5 (maybe 3.1). Grey models are rendered in 4.0 with best preview render. Textures were done in Photoshop and final image was rendered in XSI with Mental Ray. It took 10 hours or so. Also there is a lot of post processing here. A lot of color correction and so on. For example depth of field is done in post. Back then I learned about linear rendering workflow.