More sculpts

problemyzfryzura1 problemyzfryzura2 problemyzfryzura3 niewiem1 niewiem2 niewiem3 snob1 snob2 snob3

Some random sculpts I did on the run without much thought. Few million polygons each.

I’m so pretty

zgryz_kolor_1 zgryz_kolor_2 zgryz_kolor_3 zgryz_kolor_4 zgryz_sz_1 zgryz_sz_2 zgryz_pom_1 zgryz_pom_2 zgryz_pom_3

This sculpt is 20 milion polygons. I stopped myself from over detailing leather, at least this time. Rendered in Zbrush with best render. Grey is basic material (dual shade) and orange is my own matcap. Some curves modifications in Photoshop.

Update: Decided to texture it. Since it will never end up anywhere other than my portfolio I decided to go quick decimate/zremesh route + uv master. So while mesh and uvs aren’t pretty they get the job done, at least for the purpose of this presentation. So final mesh is few hundred thousand triangles and few textures 2k/4k. Textured in photoshop + some polypaint. Screengrab from Toolbag 2. Few different lighting conditions hence slight color difference between each view.

Spikes and folds

nadmiarwapnia1 nadmiarwapnia2 nadmiarwapnia3 nadmiarwapnia4

Dynamesh sculpture that is sitting comfortably at 14 million polygons. I was sculpting it little by little over a course of a year or so. It changed quite a few times. Downside of not having a concept and doing things on the run. During that time even my sculpting technique changed as I switched to different brushes. Rendered with best render in Zbrush with one of my many personal matcaps plus a little bit of curve editing in Photoshop.

Light background for a change.


kupieczapke2 kupieczapke1 kupieczapke3 szczurkolor1 szczurkolor2 ciezkobedziekupicbuty1 ciezkobedziekupicbuty2

Three real-time characters rendered in Toolbag 2. Well, kinda realtime. Those are lazy mode. Basically I polypainted them in Zbrush and then remeshed/decimated them to few hundred thousand triangles. Even the UVs were automatic. I generated normal maps, touched up the textures in Photoshop. By touch up I mean slap some rock texture over them, add a fabric pattern etc. The actual painting was done in Zbrush. The idea was to give these sculpts some color without having to deal with all the technical stuff.

Now the head is 18 million polygons and the other two are rather low, 4 million quads or so. The unfortunate effect of that low polygon count is that I had to add generic noise as detail normal map on top of them because stuff was simply too blurry. Multiple textures were generated, no time for packing it on a single texture sheet. Still I must say I am rather pleased with the state of real-time rendering these days. Instant is more fun.

One of those models as you can see is couple of years old. Actually all of them are (at least partially), its just that they were never posted online.

Big rat

szczur1 szczur2 szczur3

A single object Zbrush creature sculpt that is made out of several million polygons making that model lightweight. It is basically a sculpted sphere. Rendered inside Zbrush with best preview render.


glowa1 glowa2 glowa3 glowa4 glowa5 glowa6 glowa7 glowa8 glowa9

A bunch of heads sculpted from sphere in Zbrush. That sweet matcap is my own.


Why yes, I do lift

ekzp1 ekzp2 ekzp3 ekzp4 ekzp5 ekzp6 ekzp7

This 3d graphic model was started somewhere in the era of Zbrush 3.5. Initially it was sci-fi but I changed the design somewhere along the way. It is around 20 milion polygons.  Entire model is basicly brush work except for fabric and bag high detail pattern that were done with noise. I didn’t bother creating any alpha maps. Not the most efficient way to be honest but it is a good practice.

No makeup

gz1 gz2

That head was modeled to have a reason to try out fiber system in Zbrush.

Pretty good balance

robpod1 robpod2 robpod3 robpod4 robpod5 robpod6

This one started as a quick head model. Unfortunately I could not stop myself from adding more stuff and this is where I landed. I actually thought of doing whole scene with it but nah. Performance is already pretty bad.

Mr. fancy pants


Wrinkly face number billion and one. I had that model on my hdd for a while, I probably would not finish it, if not for already sculpted eagle’s head. I sometimes do that when I don’t want some cool model to waste. That hard surface eagle was sculpted by hand from sphere.

Pan Masakra v2

pmv2_1 pmv2_2 pmv2_3

Even though I finished this one in 2011, I started this 3d model several years earlier. However back then, I didn’t have the necessary skills to do it properly so I shelved it.  I think I started it in Zbrush 2. So around couple years ago I found it on my hard drive. I liked the design and decided to re-do it. Besides general idea, most of it was designed on the fly and done from very primitive base meshes. That is why there is some stretching here and there. Now I didn’t model it for 2 years of course. I simply returned to it from time to time, did some part and moved on. Rendered in Zbrush with BPR.

The day my CPU cried

k k_m_1 k_m_2

This 3d character was started probably around 2008-2009 without much thought behind it. I had some old upper body very basic mesh and decided to sculpt some fat as I don’t think I did that before. Anyway I gradually added stuff from time to time before deciding what the character is supposed to be at the end. That model never was supposed to be render material. Hence a lot of things that are sculpted from basically a box with few extrusions. Some stretching is caused by that. It was just a random model that accidentally ended up being rendered.

As usual, base mesh in Silo, sculpt in Zbrush 3.5 (maybe 3.1). Grey models are rendered in 4.0 with best preview render. Textures were done in Photoshop and final image was rendered in XSI with Mental Ray. It took 10 hours or so. Also there is a lot of post processing here. A lot of color correction and so on. For example depth of field is done in post. Back then I learned about linear rendering workflow.

The day I discovered the power of post-process color correction

piernik1 piernik2

Year 2009, rendered in 3delight (renderman) + Softimage XSI with no GI and no decent shaders. I think I used phong/blinn. Anyway, a ton of displacements. For example this is how the hats fuzz is achieved. Insane amount of polygons everywhere. Hat was done with old school box modeling. I learned the power of post effects in CGI with this render.

Would you like to buy a brick?

kpc_low_1 kpc_low_2 kpc_low_mesh kpc_hz_2 kpc_hz_4 kpc_hz_3 kpc_hz_1 kpc_kol kpc_inne

2009 normal mapped character. 8528 triangles and 2048×2048 with color/spec/gloss textures. Highres model is 8,5 million more or less. Render is 5  point lights and single phong shader. There is slight red overlay on skin to emulate SSS. Spec map is colored because reasons.


Mr. weakforms

heniu1 heniu2 heniu3 heniu4 heniu5 heniu6

Back then in 2008 I didn’t see the serious problems with weak medium details. These days I do.

Space wrinkle

sw_final_1 sw_final_2 sw_highrez_1 sw_highrez_2 sw_highrez_3 sw_lowrez_1 sw_text_kolor sw_text_other

Lowpoly normal mapped character, 7392 triangles, 2k textures. Render, 5 lights with shadows and Phong shader. AO baked onto diffuse texture.

The really old stuff

char1 char2 char3 char4 char5 char6 char7 char8 kuna1 kuna2 ok pe pro grzyby przedmioty pro_tex t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 t10 t11 text1 text2 text5

Old 2003/2004 LOW POLY MODELS. Still some of them look decent. Besides this is old school diffuse only texturing that is gone forever. I am not going to create anymore of these, ever. Fun times. You could modify mesh or UV mapping whenever you felt like without having to worry about some silly normal maps. Also it was a lot faster to finish character back then.

Additionally some classic 2d textures. All the final effect of character was mostly based on Photoshop work.