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Three real-time characters rendered in Toolbag 2. Well, kinda realtime. Those are lazy mode. Basically I polypainted them in Zbrush and then remeshed/decimated them to few hundred thousand triangles. Even the UVs were automatic. I generated normal maps, touched up the textures in Photoshop. By touch up I mean slap some rock texture over them, add a fabric pattern etc. The actual painting was done in Zbrush. The idea was to give these sculpts some color without having to deal with all the technical stuff.

Now the head is 18 million polygons and the other two are rather low, 4 million quads or so. The unfortunate effect of that low polygon count is that I had to add generic noise as detail normal map on top of them because stuff was simply too blurry. Multiple textures were generated, no time for packing it on a single texture sheet. Still I must say I am rather pleased with the state of real-time rendering these days. Instant is more fun.

One of those models as you can see is couple of years old. Actually all of them are (at least partially), its just that they were never posted online.