I’m so pretty

zgryz_kolor_1 zgryz_kolor_2 zgryz_kolor_3 zgryz_kolor_4 zgryz_sz_1 zgryz_sz_2 zgryz_pom_1 zgryz_pom_2 zgryz_pom_3

This sculpt is 20 milion polygons. I stopped myself from over detailing leather, at least this time. Rendered in Zbrush with best render. Grey is basic material (dual shade) and orange is my own matcap. Some curves modifications in Photoshop.

Update: Decided to texture it. Since it will never end up anywhere other than my portfolio I decided to go quick decimate/zremesh route + uv master. So while mesh and uvs aren’t pretty they get the job done, at least for the purpose of this presentation. So final mesh is few hundred thousand triangles and few textures 2k/4k. Textured in photoshop + some polypaint. Screengrab from Toolbag 2. Few different lighting conditions hence slight color difference between each view.